Showreel 2016

Collection of my selected animations



Protein Dance Teaser


Animation teaser I made for London based art musical "Protein Dance, May Contain Food". The musical explores humans' relationship with food and how we treat animals. 


Protein Dance



Hand Drawn on Paper

Edited on Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro



Horniman Museum Late Promotional Animation

Animation I made with Maya Remenyi for Horniman Museum's Late event "Carnival". The Idea was to turn museum's stuffed animal collection into a living colorful carnival.


Hand Drawn on Paper, Digital Drawn

Editted on Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro

The Third Eye

Untold story about what actually happened to the astraunot when he just came back from the moon landing.


-Made of acrylic paintings on canvas and watercolors on paper. Eddited on Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro.


Chapter One: Martian Wakes Up

Martian is a personal fiction character that represents my subcoincious mind. Chapter one tells the story about how his life changes by following the White Rabbit. 


Story, director, editing, voices: Batuhan Bintaş


My first stop-motion animation video. 


Story, director, editing: Batuhan Bintaş

Camera: Ipek Bintaş

Actors: Batuhan Bintaş, Youssef Shelbaya

The Invisible Munchies Monster

The untold mysterious story about the Invisible Munchies Monster


Story, director, editing: Batuhan Bintaş

Script, voice overs: Luke Ratchliffe

Actors: Kathrin Steinbacher, Ben Nicholls


The Birth of Innocence



Story, director, editing: Batuhan Bintaş

Actors: Tom Patel, Liane Aviram


Kingston University-Money

One of the videos we made for Kingston University's upcoming students.


Imagination is how the Soul Explores itself
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