Voy is a London based art collective established by nine university students from UAL. These creatives want to go beyond the boundaries of today’s art world institutions to create opportunities of their own. Their aim is to encourage their generation to inspire and engage with each other, working as a collaborative group rather than trying to compete with each other. Their current body of work documents human form and life through a multifaceted lens. 

The collective welcomes criticism and conversation surrounding the subject matter of their works. Their aims are to be transparent and to create work in hopes of affecting their audiences. Rather than display their work through a constructed theme they prefer to release their work to an individual’s interpretative conscious, allowing the misuse and reuse of their work.

Disregarding the hierarchy of the commercial art world their practices are created out of trial and freedom. Their fearless approach to art creates humorous and approachable exhibitions focusing on creating relationships with the audience.

“Voy” | “I am going”


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VOY is an art collective established by Batuhan Bintas, Elisa Mantovani, Rachel Jervis, Carmen Pellon Brussosa, Thony Manola, Afra Zamera, Fernanda Liberti, Hanna Weibe, Katarina Kostich, Alexsis Ballard.

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