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March 2017

Cosmic came into existence at a time when many synchronicities followed one and another, and my inner journeys to outer spaces have given me many insights from possible past and glimpses into previous lives to possible future and each one of our individual work to make it a better place.

The process of this self portrait has been one of the craziest rides ever.


Cosmic helped me from fully connecting with my  inner child to materialising my growing spiritual ego and becoming aware of it.

Let's jump onto the ride to explore it!

In summer  2016, I discovered a very funny, Stranger Things looking picture of me from the time when I was 2-3 years old.

I had a very high fever which almost killed me at age 2. Since surviving such a shock could harm the brain, my condition was regularly getting checked.


As I dived into exploring this, I realised that I could have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) as I have the aspects of an individual who has gone through an NDE.

Since this had happened at a very young age, and it is my very first memory, I cannot compare how life was before and after. However, ever since my childhood I always felt more receptive to energies, realms and what is going on in the unseen worlds around us.

What I find very interesting is the fact that one of Rick Strassman's Volunteers for his DMT study between

1990-95 reported the same experience and feelings that I was experiencing

As usual, the rabbit hole curiosity rollercoaster did not stop there.

Few months after having read that a DMT volunteer from 20 years ago had the same experience as I have been having, I myself had the chance to volunteer in 3rd DMT study in the western science world, which was taken place at the Imperial College of London.

It is truly exciting that finally science is turning its curious eyes on exploring these mystical experiences in trying to understand the meaning of life and the origins of consciousness.

This experience was beyond any possible explanation.

I had the profound opportunity to experience the famous "the Light at the Other End of the Tunnel"

Could also be defined as

The Omnipotent  Existence that Encompases All



Cheesy, but true. 

And it exists!!

Light spoke:

I am you, you are me

We are one Consciousnes experiencing itself subjectively. All these gurus, like Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed were all talking about this.

SUN - Edvard Munch

These experiences made me become curious about the extreme amounts of symbolism that is used in the Eastern religion, philosophy paintings.

I was highly inspired by Shiva paintings and how he is depicted as a calmly meditating person

Another reason for this inspiration was to show that we all have that Buddha, Christ being wishing every single one of us. The more we evolve the more we touch it consciously

These experiences pushed me to explore new ways of expressing these inner journeys to outer spaces.

I have created the Cyber Mushroom Mixed Reality experience in order show the audience that there is always more than what meets the eye.


Cyber Mushroom is a mixed reality experience that allows the audience tap into the dimension where the characters in the paintings are actually alive. The experience combines mixed reality technologies with binaural beats to explore creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness through a Cyberdelic experience. The experience aims on showing the audience that there is always more to what we are perceiving and therefore it is important to keep our minds open to the world of possibilities in this mystical human experience that we are going through.

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