cyber mushroom

There is a common belief underlying many cultures: that we are surrounded by dimensions that are parallel to our own and some are even inhabited by intelligent entities. A legend says that an invisible curtain doesn’t allow us to experience these other realms. But what if there are ways of accessing a bigger capacity of our human design, opening this curtain and accessing these other worlds?

Shamans from all around the world have been travelling through inner paths to outer spaces for thousands of years. From these journeys, the wisdom that they acquire about all aspects of life, from spirituality to biology, appears to be far more profound than what our Western society would expect from these so-called ‘primitive people.’

Therefore, who are we to say that their experiences are only hallucinations when both science and philosophy is constantly expanding its understanding of reality?

We live in a time where the line between science fiction and scientific fact is becoming blurred. Whether or not  parallel dimensions and their inhabitants exist, during the early 21st century the human race has begun to collectively create these Cyber Realms that run parallel to our own reality. These realms can be accessed through Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies - soon to be inhabited by Artificial Intelligences.

In the times we live in where science and spirituality are starting to work together to explore the mysteries of the universe, we believe that it is important to use these technologies to provide experience that spark curiosity in people’s minds.

Cyber Mushroom is a mixed reality experience that allows the audience tap into the dimension where the characters in the paintings are actually alive. The experience combines mixed reality technologies with binaural beats to explore creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness through a Cyberdelic experience. The experience aims on showing the audience that there is always more to what we are perceiving and therefore it is important to keep our minds open to the world of possibilities in this mystical human experience that we are going through.

Imagination is how the Soul Explores itself
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