Dark Night of the Soul

Digitally painted on ProCreate

on Ipad-Pro

October 2017

Dark Night of the soul is a term used to describe what one could call a collapse of a perceived meaning in life…an eruption into your life of a deep sense of meaninglessness.

Dark Night of the soul came through me at a time when I was acknowledging my shadow, inner fears, my earthly delights and ultimately, at the beggining of the unification within me between my material, higher and child self.

Below is the sound recording of this painting's Cyber Mushroom experience. 

Sound Design by

Christian Duka

Centre of the painting has 3 forms of myself.


On the left, my material self that's holding the plane. My body, through which I am experiencing life on planet earth.

On the right, my higher self represented as a Lion Merman as I am a Piscean with Leo rising. My higher self is holding the universe, through which I am speaking.

At the top, my child like mind that is holding the unified tower of Babel. Behind him is the tower of Babel, both being built and destroyed at the same time

At the bottom of my Material and Higher self lies the tools that I have been using in my journeys to planet earth to make changes.

In some of my past lives, I was a warrior, a gladiator, fighting to bring justice for all, make a world better place for everyone.


Under my material self lies the tools I am using in this incarnation. I have come to realisation that fighting the dragon turns the person into the dragon. For this reason, this time the process continues but with tools to directly inspire the minds of people,

through art and creation.

Tablet on which this painting came into existence is present in the painting as well. It shows the work in progress of the painting. 

As well as the multidimensionality of the endless realities we live through

Left side of the painting represents the earthly delights. Earthly delights represented by the Lovers card from the Tarot and the ego we are experiencing in this plane represented by the pond of narcissus.

Right handside is the process of allowing the shadow aspect come onto surface and facing them fully, with no fear. This is represented by the Hermit from the Tarot and tentacles breaking through the illusion of reality and showing us the elements we need to work on

Imagination is how the Soul Explores itself
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