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Acid house pioneer Danny Rampling has announced plans for a very special anniversary party to celebrate 30 years of the revolutionary club Shoom, taking place on Friday 8th December at London’s Pulse club (also known as Bankside Vaults) in SE1 - close to the same hallowed ground where the pioneering brand was once born. 
Inspired by the now legendary trip to Ibiza in the Summer of ‘87, Rampling founded Shoom in a bid to re-create the hedonistic experience found on the White Isle and took over an intimate 300 capacity basement fitness centre venue at 56-58 Crown House Southwark for its very first club night on December 5th that same year. Marketed with a simple smiley face logo - now rave culture's most ubiquitous symbol - and a music policy that’s reputation quickly retained a tight grip on the DJs and clubs of London, Manchester, and beyond, Shoom seemingly changed the face of youth culture and the House Music scene forever.

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