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With the AR app, hover your phone on the Cover and Back cover of the album and let Magic come into being!

Front Cover: You can tap one of the 7 Symbols on the Frame and learn about the Cosmic Principles of Kybalion. Wait for each principles to finish, then choose another one. Make sure that you get closer to the buttons, see them appearing and then tap on them to activate the experience.

Back Cover: On the back cover of the album, you find the organisations that collaborated on bringing this album into existence. Touch on one of their logos and find yourself on their website for further information.

Vinyls: you can unravel the Augmentations on the vinyls, ans spin the Holographic Records.


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Have you ever entered inside an album? 


Now you can!

Open the VR app, choose VR and place your mobile device inside a MR/VR Cardboard. Look at the Gatefold art work through the Mixed Reality lenses and allow the portal to open. Once the Emerald tablets come out of the Portal, find the Blue Ankh and keep your focus on it.

Once you are inside you will see 8 Emerald Tablets. Each one of them is a Virtual Reality journey of a song from the album. Gaze at the one to choose the song you’d like to listen and experience the journey.

enjoy the journeys

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