Style is the simple way of expressing complex things

-Jean Cocteau

We all have within us an infinite number of universes that embody different personalities that form who we are. Language appears to be the most commonly used technology to express these inner worlds. But to what extend can we trust these small mouth noises make enough sense to express what is going on within ourselves?  

When it comes to communication, I find octopuses extremely advanced minds as they have evolve in a way that allows them to carry their minds on their surface. Their thoughts ripple across its geometry as colour changes.

Exploring new forms of expressing myself has been one of the main curiosities of mine since a very early age. One of the most obvious reflection of this inner journey has been the worlds I have been bringing into existence on jackets.

Wearing a personalised artefact is not about impressing at first impression , it is about exploring a new form of communication.

A communication that turns the mind inside out

“Nature, in her evolutionary and morphogenetic richness, has offered a compelling model for us to follow in the shamanic task of re-sacralization and self-transformation that lies ahead. The totemic animal image for the future human to model is the octopus. This is because the cephalopods, the squids and octopi, lowly creatures though they may seem, have perfected a form of communication that is both psychedelic and telepathic — an inspiring model for the human communications of the future.”


Food of the Gods, 1992

by Terrence McKenna

Thrash Metal Patched Battle Jackets of my youth turned into painted ones. On the 30th April 2013, I brought my first Dreamlandscape on my jacket. Since then the paintings on my jackets have telepathically been communicating with minds through symbols, this brought so many new people into my life, put smiles on people's faces, inspired them to express their creativity in their own way even more and a lot of people got their jackets painted as well. 5 years of absolute psychedelic explotion!

The initial idea was to paint one mushroom on the jacket representing each journey that was experienced. As my curiosity demanded more experiences, it looked like there wasnt going to be any more space left one day. So I decided to paint jackets representing each period in my life.

My first babe,

30th April 2013, Copenhagen

Enjoy the journey of exploration

My grandmother raised me with stories about how an invisible curtain covers our eyes from seeing parallel dimensions, djinns that inhabit them and many other magical mysteries. Ever since I have been exploring various ways of opening that curtain and having a sneaky peak to the other side.
My interdimensional grandmother also taught me about how important it is to protect yourself when having inner journeys to outer spaces. As a Turkish mystic, her favourite protection artefact has always been “Nazar Boncuğu”, commonly known as the Evil eye. In Turkish Culture, the Evil Eye protects one from all sorts of negative energies. 
She has recently wide opened that curtain and stepped through it back to the spirit world. To honour her and shamanic mysticism that’s deeply rooted in Turkish Culture, I have decided to decorate the gate to the most beautiful and mysterious things that one can ever imagine on my 8th personal jacket with evil eye’s protection. 

13 small ones spread across the frame that is formed by golden DNA double helix structure that holds the main energy conductor Evil eye, placed above the all seeing triangle mind that is having the cosmic explosion in the land of the Sacred Mushroom. Evil eyes are holding the protection at the entrance to the land of some of the most beautiful things we can ever experience.

Imagination is how the Soul Explores itself
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