there is something wrong about this world

Water colours and ink on paper

21 X 30cm

September 2014

Ever since I started this experience we call life, I could feel that there is something wrong about it

Although if feels "real", I always felt that there is more to be discovered.

My lovely birtanecik grandmother raised me with the idea that how an invisible curtain covers our eyes from seeing the parallel dimensions we are surrounded by and their intelligent inhabitants.

On my first mushroom experience, my first expectation was to see the famous flying pink elephant.

Instead, I realised that I discovered one of the most profound ways of opening that curtain.

What was that experience that took me to this place that I felt more "Home" and knew that it always existed?

Why shamanic communities all around the world have been spending centuries on exploring these realms?

Why does these experiences even exist at first place?

What have we got to learn from them?

This first exploration of the hyper space left me with many questions, that only bring more and more questions.

One thing is for sure though, nothing feels more familiar and alien in the same time than the psychedelic experience

are Mushrooms an Extraterrestrial Probe?

Terence McKenna


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