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Translove Airwaves is a TV series that takes it's viewers along for the ride onto explore the world of Psychedelia. From going on a journey into how Psychedelia has inspired the evolution of music to exploring what psychedelia transformed into in 21st century, Translove Airwaves offers a mind expanding experience on understanding the core role of Altered States of consciousness in the Evolution of the mass mind.

In the times we live where we are collectively experiencing the 3rd Psychedelic Renaissance, Translove Airwaves mission is to raise awareness about different fields Psychedelia has inspired since the summer of Love of 1969, remove the taboos around these mind expanding substances and share love.

I am more than happy to be part of this excitement as one of its executor producers and animation director!

experience the trailer

Below you can find some stills from our pilot episode  where we have interviewed Psychedelic music Composer Simon boswell, who has been working with the Catholic Church of Vatican and Alejandro Jodorowski

Stay tuned for more Psychedelia 

Pilot Episode

Imagination is how the Soul Explores itself
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